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Walnut dining table / Red / Black / Grey / Copper / Blue. The wood was sourced from near Winterthur.

Two pieces of massive Swiss Walnut connected with lava. Floating on custom LiveEdge steel legs.
Protected with Rubio Monocoat™ for an outstanding matte shine and long lasting finish.Size: 180 x 90 x 4cm
Height including legs: 78cm
Weight: 130kg approx.
Production time: Approx. 80 hours
Manufacture date: May 2021

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Detailed Information Description

Swiss walnut crafted together with a special mix of 5 colours to create a table that looks alive! The dark patterns of reds and blacks intermix with highlights of copper with 3D swirls and patterns. Framed on our custom LiveEdge steel legs the table appears to float above the frame. A truly special and individual piece that would suit the contemporary kitchen.

  • Beautiful hand built steel legs.
  • The underside of the table is subtley engraved with a unique identifying number and the Liveedge logo.
  • Table comes with the Liveedge certificate of authenticity which can be used to trace the heritage through our website.
  • Available for pick-up from our shop or contact us for a delivery quote.

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Weight 130 kg
Dimensions 180 × 90 × 4 cm

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