Liveedge Approach


Beautifully crafted bespoke furniture. Custom built to your specifications with a typical turnaround of 5-6 weeks.
Contact us to enquire about a consultation.

Our online store offers pre-made pieces, each individually designed and unique.  

step 1 Consultation step 1
Finding your dream piece of furniture can be a lengthy process, but that doesn't mean it can't be exciting. Our free consultation will help you on the first step to realising this dream.
STEP 2 Design STEP 2
Our team will provide you with an initial design and even a test sample for the wood and colour combination you're looking for. You can see from the start how your piece will look.
step 3 Sign off step 3
Once we have the concept you will be invited to sign-off the design. This is really important to confirm that we're both on the same page before work starts on production.
STEP 4 Procurement STEP 4
The project is underway! Our team will source the materials for your piece, always locally, if possible. You can even come along to select the wood yourself.
step 5 Production step 5
At the sign-off you are given an estimated date of completion (usually 5-6 weeks) and we keep you up to date during manufacture with pics and videos.
step 6 Delivery step 6
Of course you're welcome to pick up a piece yourself, but our solid wood furniture is heavy! We can arrange for your furniture to be delivered and installed through out Switzerland and even internationally.
step 7 Certificate step 7
All our pieces are discreetly engraved with the LIVEEDGE logo and serial number. Each piece also receives a certificate showing the materials used and the heritage.
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